2-1-1 Auto Repair Program

United Way of Greater Stark County's 2-1-1 Auto Repair Program partners with Stark County Job & Family Services to help local families get back on the road. The program provides financial assistance for costly vehicle repairs that the family cannot afford. For more information, call 2-1-1 or 330-491-9997 to speak to an Information & Referral Specialist.

FIND OUT IF YOU QUALIFY TODAY General eligibility guidelines for the auto repair program include: 

  • Your vehicle requires repairs defined as major work (necessary to have the vehicle running reliably)

  • Applicant must:

    • Be at least 18 years of age

    • Have minor child(ren) in the home, or a minor child for whom you pay child support

    • Be employed and meet income guidelines

    • Reside in Stark County 

    • Need vehicle for work or pre-employment training that directly leads to employment

If you meet these general eligibility requirements, click here to complete a pre-screening form ». Your information will be reviewed by an eligibility specialist. This process is usually very quick, and if you are cleared to participate, we will call you to discuss the next step. 


If the repair(s) exceed $1,000, it is your responsibility to pay any amount over $1,000. United Way of Greater Stark County is a tax-free organization, which means the subtotal is what will be paid. Because the United Way can only guarantee our portion of the payment for two weeks past the completion of repairs, you will have two weeks to pay any amount due over $1,000. 

To receive this financial assistance, you will need to obtain three comparable estimates (for the same repair work). All of the items on the estimates need to be exactly the same. The prices may be different. At your appointment, we will choose the lowest estimate. If you are uncomfortable with the lowest priced shop, you may get another quote to take its place.

All of the repair estimates need to be from ASE certified shops. You should confirm that the shops are ASE certified. This program cannot use any shop estimate that does not have ASE certification.

This program does not cover towing, estimates, or cosmetic issues such as tires, windows/windshields, headlights, or bodywork.

This program does not cover routine maintenance like oil changes unless they are a required part of the repair. 

The program cannot fix a vehicle whose repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle. You can find an approximate value for your vehicle using the “Good” condition on the Kelley Blue Book website (www.KBB.com). 

Payment will be made to ASE certfiied mechanic or shop upon completion of car repair(s).


Appointments are held at: 2-1-1 Auto Repair Program, 822 30th Street NW, Canton, Ohio 44709

Make sure you have all of your paperwork with you when you come in for your appointment. We want to make this a smooth process so you only need to make one trip. If you are missing paperwork, you will have to bring it back to complete the process.

Don’t miss your appointment. If you miss your appointment without calling ahead, you will receive an automatic denial for Auto Repairs and you will be ineligible to participate in the program.


  • Valid driver’s license

  • Current vehicle registration or title

  • Current proof of insurance

  • Income verification for 30 days before the date of your appointment

  • Income verification for any income not from employment. Examples:

    • Social Security 

    • SNAP card

    • Child support

  • Social Security cards for all members of the household

  • Photo ID for all adults in the household

  • 3 Estimates from ASE certified mechanics


  • Make sure that all of the items to be repaired are the same. If you aren’t sure if something on one estimate is the same as another estimate, you can ask the mechanic to tell you. 

  • If you prefer to work with a specific ASE certified mechanic and they do not provide the lowest estimate, you may take other lower estimates back to the mechanic to see if they can match that price. Or you can continue getting more ASE certified estimates until the mechanic of your choice is the lowest of three.

  • If your vehicle isn’t running and you know exactly what’s wrong, you can call shops to get estimates. You may also have it towed to one shop and call two other shops for their estimates on the same repairs.