Benefits of Volunteering

Meet new people, get out and about, be active, make a positive impact on the community. All these are ways that people can benefit from volunteering, but what about some less obvious benefits? Volunteering is also an opportunity to learn and practice skills, team build, boost workplace morale, and network. Read on for more information.

Benefits for businesses

Volunteering at Work: What's the bottom line?

Human Resources personnel know engaging employees and supporting volunteerism is an important part of corporate social responsibility efforts and this trend is growing. According to a report published by the Points of Light Foundation in Washington, DC, "research findings are steadily piling up in support of the concept that volunteer service supports workplace skill development." The report contends the strongest professional development potential from employee volunteering revolves around skill development, recruitment, morale and retention, and teamwork.
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Benefits for job seekers

Unemployed? Make a statement when you volunteer

Your resume is updated, you have current references on file, you attend all job fairs, you search and apply for jobs on a daily basis and you wait for the phone to ring or an email to be received. It can be very frustrating when you are looking for a job and nothing is happening. It is a very good time to think of doing volunteer work...
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National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate our friends, neighbors and colleagues who give of their time and talent to advance the common good. United Way is focused on getting even more people to volunteer so together we can make significant strides in helping kids graduate on time and improve families’ financial stability and health for their lifetimes. If you are already volunteering on a regular basis, thank you! Volunteers are the lifeblood of change in the U.S. and around the world. And if you haven’t volunteered lately, National Volunteer Week is a great time to start. United Way of Greater Stark County offers plenty of opportunities for you to lending a helping hand in our community.

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Volunteer Testimonials

United Way volunteers share their stories

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