According to the 2015 United States Census Data, 13.3% of the total Stark County Ohio population (364,905) lives below the poverty line. United Way is breaking the cycle of poverty by investing and partnering in programs that prepare children to read and succeed at an early age, allow students to focus their attention in the classroom instead of on grown-up problems and connect youth to professionals and mentors in the community.

It takes many to build a stronger community. However, it begins with you.

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Created as a way to better serve our corporate partners and individual donors. United Way of Greater Stark County has designed a comprehensive electronic pledge service, which offers even more efficiency, convenience and security than ever before.

With the growing interest in online campaign pledging, more companies are taking advantage of United Way's e-Pledge service. Online pledging reduces paperwork, helps decrease errors in gift calculations and saves time and money on administrative services. It also offers a rewarding pledge experience for employees.

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