Easy, Safe, Secure and 100% Free. In 2015, United Way of Greater Stark County is offering employers the opportunity to provide their employees the free benefit of self-filing their federal and state taxes using MyFreeTaxes. What is MyFreeTaxes? It is a self-preparation software that has been offered since 2009, powered by H&R Block and funded through the Walmart Foundation. It is a FREE service that many employers are providing their employees by simply posting the URL link for MyFreeTaxes on their employee intranet. Employees, who make $65,000 or less can access it through the portal, e-file both their state and federal returns and have it in their bank accounts in as little as seven days! 

How does MyFreeTaxes work? We provide you with a unique URL link to post on your employee intranet. 

How do we sign up? Participation in this program is completely free for you and your associates. In addition, you could help us receive grant funding to expand the program in 2017. If interested in offering this resource to your employees, please contact Chrisann Leaman by phone at 330-491- 9989 or by email »

MyFreeTaxes Employer Toolkit & Resources. Help spread the word about MyFreeTaxes with these customizable marketing pieces. Click on the image or PDF document you wish to download, then right click to "save as" to your computer.

Ways to Promote MyFree Taxes to Your Employees

  • Post a link to MyFreeTaxes on the company website

  • Develop customized MyFreeTaxes business cards to give to employees

  • Place a ‘widget’ on the employee portal near the link to download

  • Insert MyFreeTaxes business cards with W-2s in January

  • Attach a flyer to employees’ January paychecks

  • Promote through the employer’s intranet

  • Recruit and train volunteers for free tax preparation efforts

  • Host events like throwing DIY parties for employees

  • Designate workplace computers for MyFreeTaxes use

  • Hang posters in break room

  • Post on internal digital message boards

  • Write about MyFreeTaxes in company newsletters, or through company emails

Customizable Flyer & Poster


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