Pledge Cards

People give to United Way of Greater Stark County for many reasons, but the number one reason people do not give is because they weren’t asked. Below you will find downloadable pledge cards, and some additional resources to help you “make the ask.”

•    Individual Pledge Card
•    Corporate Pledge Card
•    Alexis de Tocqueville Society Pledge Card
•    Suggested Giving Guide



Asking One-On-One
United Way of Greater Stark County’s research shows a peer-to-peer ask is the most effective way of asking for a pledge. Sincerely communicating your commitment to supporting the community through UWGSC really does make a difference. Leaving pledge cards in employees’ mailboxes and hoping they will be returned is not recommended.
  •    Be prepared. Make or increase your pledge before asking your coworkers. Be familiar with stories and facts about how United Way helps. Personalize your employees’ pledge cards
       with suggested amounts or last year’s gift amount.
  •    Ask for a specific increase or first-time gift.
  •    Handle concerns. See “Managing objections” below.
  •    Say thank you regardless of what the donor decides.

Asking in a Group Setting
Company rallies are a great way to introduce employees to UWGSC and ask for a donation.
  •    Determine who will make the ask. Many companies choose their CEO to make an ask during the rally. He or she can discuss why your company chooses to support UWGSC, your
        company goal, and the impact UWGSC has on our region.
  •    Invite a speaker from a local agency.
  •    Distribute pledge cards or inform employees how to pledge. Hand out personalized pledge cards at the rally and hold an incentive drawing for those who turn them in.
  •    Make the ask.  Close the rally with one task: make a gift.

Managing Objections
Answer questions honestly – never guess. If you don’t know the answer to a question, let the donor know you will find out and then follow up with your UWGSC representative.
Recognize that some donors have real concerns; people have a right to feel good about their gift.  |  FAQs