Set a Goal

Goal setting is one of the first steps in running your campaign. Companies who set a goal see higher results in participation rates, average gifts and per capita giving.

A goal provides a benchmark for success, lets employees know how valuable their gift is, encourages all employees to contribute, provides a rallying point for your whole company and allows employees to work together to reach an achievable result. After evaluating your company and campaign status, consider the positive change your company would like to make in our region. Most companies strive to increase their employee goal by 5 to 15 percent over the previous year’s results.

Here are some things to consider when setting a goal:
  • Company changes: Have you recently had a large number of retirees or new hires, for example?
  • Freshening up: Can you offer a new incentive? If you’ve been using the same incentive, can you increase the minimum gift to be qualified for the incentive? Offer new opportunities to
     be engaged in the campaign (i.e. participate in volunteering opportunities like Day of Caring or focus on highlighting donor network group participation with Young Leaders Society, Women United and/or Labor CARES to a specific demographic in your workplace).