1.    Address the root causes of community need through collaborations and collective impact.
2.    Maximize revenue generation to address community need more significantly.
3.    Develop and implement a strategic engagement plan that promotes community impact and donor development.
4.    Leverage staff and resources to accomplish United Way of Greater Stark County’s work efficiently and effectively.
5.    Tell the United Way of Greater Stark County story more effectively.
6.    Collect, analyze and distribute data to be used in decision making and for reporting measurable results.



SCOPE: Health refers to programs that address the prevention, treatment and resolution of adverse physical and behavioral conditions across all generations.
VISION: We envision a community where all residents have access to programs and services that improve the overall health of Greater Stark County.
GOAL STATEMENT: Improve the overall health and quality of life for residents of Greater Stark County.
IMPACT GOALS BY 2020: Increase the number of Greater Stark County residents reporting that they are healthy, reduce infant mortality to meet or exceed the Healthy People 2020 objective and reduce the overall disparity across the races, and reduce opiate substance abuse.
STRATEGIES: Healthy lifestyles, physical health and behavioral health.


SCOPE: Education includes P-12 preparation and support for pathways to career readiness.
VISION: We envision a community that supports and enables all students to reach age appropriate milestones leading to graduation and careers.
GOAL STATEMENT: Prepare children, youth and young adults of Greater Stark County to succeed in school and life.
IMPACT GOALS BY 2020: Sustainable progress toward 100% of eligible students being kindergarten ready, and sustainable progress toward 100% high school graduation rate.
STRATEGIES: School readiness and success in school


SCOPE: Financial independence is achieved when residents can pay for housing with enough income remaining to build assets.
VISION: We envision a community where a cycle for financial success exists, allowing individuals and families access to build long-term, economic independence.
GOAL STATEMENT: Improve opportunities for Greater Stark County’s residents to make informed decisions which promote long-term sustainability
IMPACT GOAL BY 2020: 70% of Stark County residents will spend no more than 30% of their income on housing
STRATEGIES: Access to affordable housing, job training & preparation, asset building, food security and household stabilization.