2-1-1 is free & confidential information and referral service that assists with health and human services.

CALL 2-1-1 or chat online at www.211oh.org
Online chat is available 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday. You can reach 2-1-1 via phone 24/7. 2-1-1 is not available on all cell phones. Call 330-491-9997 if you cannot connect to 2-1-1. Email: 211@uwstark.org

Serving 26 counties and covering 3.5 million people in Ohio, the United Way 2-1-1 Help Center provides free and confidential 24-hour access to a compassionate professional who will review your options for help, develop a plan and act as your advocate if you are faced with barriers to service. Simply dial 2-1-1 or chat with us for assistance. Se habla Español.

At United Way 2-1-1, we are committed to maximizing the potential of those three digits and chat not only for our clients, but also for service providers and the community as a whole.
2-1-1 is much more than just a phone number. Whether the engagement with 2-1-1 starts with a phone call, chat, text or in-person assistance, the goal is to end with the discovery of new information, the resolution of a problem and lasting improvement to a person’s life.

2-1-1 can be used to access local community social service needs for the following emergencies: RENT, FOOD, UTILITIES, TAXES, LOW COST MEDICAL, FINANCIAL TIPS, PREDATORY LENDING, PRESCRIPTIONS, TRANSPORTATION, JOB SEARCH & SKILLS!


DONATIONS & VOLUNTEERING - Opportunities for individuals to volunteer time or provide goods and materials to community agencies.

EDUCATION, RECREATION & THE ARTS - Services and programs that help people gain access to education, sports and other cultural and artistic pursuits.

EMPLOYMENT AND INCOME SUPPORT - Resources to assist with finding, obtaining and maintaining employment, as well as services related to household income such as government benefits, welfare programs, and other general financial aid.

FAMILY SUPPORT & PARENTING - Resources for those seeking parenting or caregiving assistance, or other supports for the day-to-day care and safety of family members.

FOOD, CLOTHING & HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - Services that provide access to food, clothing, diapers and other basic household items.

HEALTH CARE - Resources to help people achieve and maintain physical well-being and health

MENTAL HEALTH & COUNSELING - Resources to help people maintain mental and emotional wellness.

MUNICIPAL & COMMUNITY SERVICES - Local, state and federal government offices and non-government services targeted at improving entire communities.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE & OTHER ADDICTIONS - Resources for those who are engaged in addictive behaviors who are seeking help for their disease, or for those looking for assistance who have loved ones who are in active addiction or recovery.


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2-1-1 is sponsored by AULTMAN Health Foundation.