YOUR DONATION HELPS! For the cost of everyday items and activities, you can provide health and human services for those in need in Greater Stark County. Gifts of all sizes can make a significant impact on the well being of another.

$26 GIFT ($1/PAY)7 days of nutritious hot meals delivered to a senior in his/her home  |  2 Halo Sleep Sacks for a baby  |  Pregnancy pillow for a mother  |  A reading tool to be used in therapy sessions  |  1 hour of homemaker service for an older adult who is recovering at home after an illness  |  Food for an older adult who is food insecure  |  Groceries  |  Toiletries (shampoo, soap, razors, pads, tampons, deordorant)  |  Birth Certificates  | State ID 

$52 GIFT ($2/PAY)2 weeks of nutritious hot meals delivered to a senior in his/her home  |  1 hour of counseling for a young adult struggling to succeed on their own  |  Household items (pots, pans, dishes, silverware)  |  1 hour of Support Group for survivors of sexual assault  |  Clothes for one person  | Monthly bus pass  |  Food  |  A local, Stark County resident to attend a 2 hour money management class

$120 GIFT ($4.62/PAY) = 1 month of transitional housing for one woman  |  3 hours of mediation intervention for an at-risk youth who has attendance issues at school  |  Support at a doctor appointment from a medical decision maker for individuals unable to care for their medical needs  |  Breast pumping kit  | 2 hours of Support Group for survivors of sexual assault  |  Week of Y after-school childcare  |  Bedding  |  Clothing for a family  |  Linens (towels, washcloths, etc.)

$250 GIFT ($9.62/PAY) = 1 year of on-site laundry for women living in transitional housing  |  2 counseling sessions for abuse victims with a licensed professional  |  4 hours of Sand Therapy or Art Therapy for survivors of sexual assault  |  One month of transportation for a wheelchair bound individual  |  All-in-one convertible car seat  |  Bed  | Table  | Chairs

$500 GIFT ($19.25/PAY) = 1 week in a DV shelter for one victim of abuse  |  1 month of emergency housing for a homeless older adult  |  Double stroller  |  2 infant-stage car seats  | Furniture for someone who just secured their own apartment

$750 GIFT ($28.85/PAY) = school supplies for 50 low-income children

$1000 GIFT ($38.46/PAY) = 7 months of full-weekly infant day care services

$1200 GIFT ($46.15/PAY) = one year of SPARK for one child