Youth Workforce Development and United Way of Greater Stark County

Through a professional services agreement with the Stark Tuscarawas Workforce Developmental Board for the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program, component of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), UWGSC provides direct services to low-income youth, ages 16-24, who face barriers to employment. In 2015, 7,999 youth received services, 1,645 were placed in jobs or education and 1,703 completed certifications or degrees. The WIA Youth Workforce Development Financial Literacy Program increases opportunities for low-income youth to gain knowledge and skills surrounding personal finance and decision making. Understanding personal finance is the key towards a stronger financial future, as employment is secured and careers are created. This program is offered to youth who are deficient in basic literacy skills, homeless, school drop-outs, ex-offenders, runaways, foster children, pregnant or parenting, or need help as an English language learner.

Youth Workforce Development Program

What are your dreams for the future?  Have you figured out how to make those dreams come true? United Way of Greater Stark County is excited to offer personal finance workshops and services to assist you in figuring out how to have the future you want.

Whether you are just starting out in life, barely keeping your head above water with your finances, or find yourself in a position of starting over; have you ever wondered how some people seem to get ahead financially while others don’t.

Many young people do not understand the multi-faceted impacts of poorly managed finances.  The immediate consequences may be felt by experiencing loss of housing, transportation or food.  However young people also need to understand how these circumstances can impact them in the future.

Understanding personal finance can mean the difference between a dream achieved and a dream deferred. Transitioning young adults face many challenges as they strive to become financially secure adults.  Recognizing that income and/or benefits alone is insufficient to ensure financial security.

Lack of basic needs, assets, savings and understanding surrounding finances can hinder, if not cripple individuals as they move along life stages and focus on pathways to independence.  Pairing financial services with career planning and employment can help you start off in the right direction, understand the consequences of choices and have a brighter future.

For this reason, UWGSC Financial Prosperity Center, through a grant received from Stark Tuscarawas Workforce Development Board, offers a comprehensive group of financial and asset building services for youth, ages 16 through 24.

To see a short video talking about each of the workshops, click on the titles below:


Getting Ahead

Starting Off in the Right Direction

Transition Planning & Financial Toolkit